Network Industries in Eurasia

Welcome to the Spring 2015 issue of Network Industries Quarterly! For the first time in its history an issue of Network Industries Quarterly is exclusively dedicated to the evolution of network industries outside of Europe, in this case in Eurasia.

The first article (Akkemik and Li) focusses on recent regulatory reforms in the energy market in China, assessing the potential impacts of changes in energy prices in China on producer prices in various sectors. The second article (Cetinkaya, Basaran and Bagdadioglu) discusses the main obstacles to the liberalization of the Turkish electricity sector. The third article (Eroglu) focuses on the role of the regulatory authorities in Turkey’s liberalized electricity market. And the fourth article (Oguz and Benli) discusses fixed-mobile substitution in the context of Turkey’s telecommunications liberalization process.

All four contributions go back to an inaugural Conference on network industries in Eurasia, held at the Social Sciences University in Ankara in November 2014 and which will be held annually from now on. Similar conferences will be organized by in other parts of the world, notably in Africa and Latin America in 2016 and beyond.

We hope that you find these contributions interesting and support Network Industries Quarterly’s reaching out to emerging countries in the future.

Matthias Finger