Matthias Finger was a Professor of Management of Network Industries and is since July 2020 an Emeritus Professor at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland.

His expertise lies in the area of network industries (energy, transport, communications and water), in particular their de-regulation, their re-regulation and their governance more generally. As of recently, he also looks at digital platforms as the “new infrastructures”. He has also developed a new focus on urban infrastructures as complex and dynamic socio-technical systems.



Part-time Professor, European University Institute (EUI), Director of the Florence School of Regulation, Transport Area, Florence, Italy

Professor, Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ), Director of the Istanbul Center for  Regulation (IC4R), Istanbul, Turkey

Editor-in-Chief. Competition and Regulation in Network Industries (SAGE)


Advisor to president of EPFL in matters digital policy and regulation, Lausanne, Switzerland


Counsel, Swiss-Economics SE AG, Zürich, Switzerland


Vice-President, Avenir Mobilité, Zürich, Switzerland

Member of the Board, Aviation Research Center Switzerland (ARCS), Zürich, Switzerland


Director, Global Arctic project

Dean of Executive Education, EPFL Middle East, RAK, UAE