FSR Transport Forums

The Transport Area of the Florence School of Regulation (FSR Transport) at the European University Institute is dedicated to policy dialogue, policy-relevant research, training, and networking in the area of transport regulation in Europe. It is concerned with the regulation of all modes of transport and a wide range of other topics related to digital and sustainable mobility. 

The FSR Transport began its activities in 2010 focusing on railway regulation, under the direction of Professor Matthias Finger. Since then, the Area has gradually enlarged its scope to cover the following areas:

Rail Transport

Air Transport

Urban Public Transport

Intermodal Transport

Maritime Transport

The core activity of FSR Transport is the organisation of policy Forums, where representatives of the European Commission, regulatory authorities, operators, other stakeholders, and academics meet to discuss and shape regulatory policy in matters of European transport. Since the foundation of the Transport Area more than 40 such events have taken place. 

The neutral setting of the EUI allows for open and informal exchanges of views among all stakeholders. Debates at the Transport Forums are structured by guiding questions that address both analysis and practice. The uniqueness of the setting as well as the well-established one-day-event format favours the possibility to go into depth and reflect upon the issues at stake.

You can learn more about the upcoming events, visiting the webpage of FSR Transport