FSR Transport Academic Events

FSR Transport organises academic events and conferences with a focus not only on transport modes but also on related areas such as energy and information technology. FSR Transport assists with the organisation of external conferences related to regulatory practice and governance of network industries. 
FSR Transport organises the Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures, a yearly event with the involvement of the four areas of the Florence School of Regulation. It aims to take an interdisciplinary look at the most recent developments and future plans for network industries, with a comprehensive look at the transport, energy and communication sectors. Started in 2012 with the Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructure Industries, this annual event has grown and is now a point of reference for scholars and stakeholders all over the world. 
Over the years, industry experts and knowledgeable academics, from senior academics to junior researchers, have been participating in academic events organised by FSR Transport. More than 100 individuals have presented their research at one of the academic events in Florence since 2011.
In 2019 the topic of the conference is Digital Platforms – The New Network Industries? How to regulate them?