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June 7, 2019

Current Issues in Turkish Network Industries

In Turkey, following the economic crisis in 2001, comprehensive market-based reforms were launched in several sectors, including the network industries, such as telecommunications, electricity, and aviation. Privatisation of certain units has enabled the stimulation of investments in different segments and the establishment of sector-specific regulatory authorities, which in turn have resulted in significant improvements. However, the introduction of competition and regulatory achievements in the electricity and the telecommunications industries, have been slower than initially anticipated. Excessive infrastructural investments have created uncertainty around the future of the airline industry. Moreover, emerging platforms on the internet are witnessing problematic regulatory interventions. This […]
March 18, 2019

Regulation of the Railway Industry

Across the world, railways are poised to face new challenges, as all transport modes are transformed by technological innovations, liberalisation, competition with other modes of transport and most recently by digitalisation. Consequently, the railway industry is required to increase efficiency while ensuring security and safety, as it has to address multimodality, such as buses, as well as compete with new transport modes, such as car-sharing. Regulation of the railway industry and its various dimensions, not the least competition, is central factor in the process of its transformation and will ultimately decide whether railways will or will not increase their modal […]
December 14, 2018

The path towards digitalisation in road infrastructure

Editorial Introduction by the Guest Editor This special issue offers an overview on digitalisation in road infrastructure. Digitalisation has a vertical impact across the several layers of the road system. This will bring, in the medium to long term, profound challenges and disruptions to the existing status quo in terms of construction, management, and particularly, operation of road systems. From technical design standards up to Mobility as a Service and digital platforms that allow the appearance of new services and mobility solutions, a new paradigm is emerging, able to extract added value from road investments. The road infrastructure was traditionally […]
September 18, 2018

New network structures: decentralization, prosumers and the role of online platforms

New network structures: decentralization, prosumers and the role of online platforms This issue of the Network Industries Quarterly looks into the major challenges infrastructure regulation is currently facing as a result of technology, indirect network effects, newly emerging network structures, and new actors. The rapidly evolving Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have significantly challenged the traditionally stable landscape of infrastructure services provision. The new data layer over the traditional infrastructure and service layers is transforming network industries: online platforms create new indirect network effects, they allow new service providers to enter the market , and they challenge the central role […]
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