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December 1, 2015

Local utilities and public services in Europe: challenges and opportunities

Local utilities represent one of the least studied subject among the disciplines focused on the transformations of network industries and, more generally, on the delivery of local public services (LPS). This deficit of attention is not due to a lack of relevance, as publicly owned corporations and institutional public-private partnership represent an important phenomenon in many European countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries, just to name a few. More likely, scholars overlooked public utilities because they constitute a difficult topic to deal with. There is no homogeneous legal framework at the European level and each […]
September 1, 2015

Regulating of Infrastructure Industries in emerging countries

This issue of NIQ is dedicated to some of the best papers presented at the 4th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures, which was organized by the Florence School of Regulation in June 2015. Selected academics and practitioners have been invited to Florence to discuss the latest developments in the regulation of different network industries, namely transport, energy, telecoms and water distribution around the world. Both the Conference and this issue of the Network Industries Quarterly have a special focus on emerging countries. Hence, this issue follows the path started by the Spring issue of the NIQ and extends the […]
June 1, 2015

Urban Energy Transition

Welcome to the Summer 2015 issue of Network Industries Quarterly! This issue is dedicated to the governance of energy transition in urban energy infrastructures, by providing insights from different theoretical approaches as well as analyzing multiple case studies. In the first article, Castan Broto takes a complexity approach on sustainable transitions and analyzes urban energy landscapes as the assemblage of socio-technical interactions in the case of urban energy transition in Hong Kong. Florentin, Gabillet, Gomez in the second article investigate the role of local utilities as the understudied actors in urban energy transitions, by focusing on three case studies in […]
March 1, 2015

Network Industries in Eurasia

Welcome to the Spring 2015 issue of Network Industries Quarterly! For the first time in its history an issue of Network Industries Quarterly is exclusively dedicated to the evolution of network industries outside of Europe, in this case in Eurasia. The first article (Akkemik and Li) focusses on recent regulatory reforms in the energy market in China, assessing the potential impacts of changes in energy prices in China on producer prices in various sectors. The second article (Cetinkaya, Basaran and Bagdadioglu) discusses the main obstacles to the liberalization of the Turkish electricity sector. The third article (Eroglu) focuses on the […]
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