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As of 2014, Network Industries Quarterly appears under a new layout, it is included in the EUI research repository Cadmus.

December 1, 2013

Critical Infrastructure Protection in Network Industries

Recent disasters evidence that failures in key infrastructures may result in severe economic, environmental, and social losses, even human casualties. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that governments worldwide are increasingly concerned about robustness and resiliency of national and regional infrastructures to natural disasters, operational accidents and other disruptive events. This mounting political attention has resulted into numerous national and regional initiatives that aim to identify, designate, and protect critical infrastructures that underpin our daily life. This issue of the Network Industries Quarterly is dedicated on the theory, and practice of critical infrastructure protection (CIP). The issue’s articles show that network […]
September 1, 2013

Regulation and Performance of Electronic Communications

As known, the Digital Agenda for Europe contains 101 actions that will boost the EU economy and allow citizens and businesses to take the most out of digital technologies. While in some pillars a number of the Agenda’s Targets have been almost reached, in other pillars a lot is yet to be done. The articles in the issue investigate how far we are from reaching some of the Targets and what is the role that regulation could play in getting closer to them. The contributions focus on specific aspects of different topics, that is spectrum sharing, NGA, roaming and e-commerce, […]
June 1, 2013

Trends in EU energy grids regulation

Which regulatory tools are best equipped on the national as well as European level to create functioning EU-wide electricity and gas market infrastructures, as well as address the urgent need to make grids fit for the future? This issue looks at three topics that describe current trends in energy grids regulation. Firstly, it looks at the question whether and how the EU should be involved in the electricity and natural gas transmission grid tarification, to allow for fair competition and the right investment signals. Secondly, the issue looks at the significant role offshore wind farms play for the accomplishment of […]
March 1, 2013

Concessions and their Regulation in the Different Network Industries

The use of concession agreements to provide public services in the different network industries has been growing over the past decades around the world, mainly as a way to facilitate private investment. Motorways, seaports, water and sewage, among other sectors, have gained experience in the use of these instruments and some important lessons have been learned. The articles in this issue highlight some of the most relevant considerations in the use of concession contracts, their advantages and disadvantages compared to the traditional public provision, the implications for institutional design, the way of dealing with new investments during the contract period, […]
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